Dear Reader,

702f08_dac2983d4f584e3883fae1aedeba0347Welcome to my author website! I’m so happy to be here, doing what I like the most, creating stories, writing them and sharing them with you. I love stories, especially love stories with a happily ever after. Life is about relationships, about feeling, loving, experiencing, learning and growing. There is a story behind every person I meet, and those stories have inspired me for years, fueling my imagination to the point I had to create them myself.

702f08_cd5c56c485124aeaa928778e7e74bdb5I’ve been a nomad all my life—it runs in the family—first out of obligation, then by choice. It took me a while to find the place to settle down. California, only 5,953 miles from Málaga, Spain, a coastal city where my parents currently live and my home since I was nine. Before that, we lived in Africa, where my father was teaching for six years. When I was in college, I used to spend my summers in London, a city I absolutely adore and have idolized since my first time there. I had a sense of dejà vu that made me fall in love with the city and its people almost instantly. After I got my M.A. in English, I decided to study French for five years, and I spent a wonderful summer in Rouen (Normandy region in France), attending school and living in immersion before I passed my last year French exam at the E.O.I. (official school of languages) in Málaga. I traveled all over France and met wonderful people. A new chapter of my life started right after graduating from the E.O.I., when I passed the selection process to be part of an exchange visitor program for teachers that brought me to the US in the year 2000, supposedly for only two years…

Going back to my childhood, I was ten years old when I 702f08_215e2841e17145798b30f1260fd11222developed a passion for reading, closely followed by an even greater passion for writing. When you’re that age, you think everything is possible and you can become whatever you want. My passion never died, but the belief that I would be an author did for many years, until I realized that dreams do come true when we take action and wrap a deadline around them. I owe my determination to take action to my dear life masters who I’ve met in person and who have shaped me into what I am today: an unstoppable positive person. So I’ll be eternally grateful to Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra, Mike Dooley, and last but not least, since I hold him dearly in my heart, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, who left us recently.

My crazy, silly husband is romantic comedy author Rich Amooi. Another author? Yes! What a coincidence! When we met, apparently we had nothing in common. He was a DJ and I was a teacher. I loved to read and he had no books in his home. I loved dogs and he loved cats… However, we both liked romantic comedies, walking, hiking, animals in general, and the same kind of yummy food. Besides, he was learning Spanish (I teach Spanish), so we started to discover more and more things we had in common such as our dream to write for a living. Now, we’re almost twins.

702f08_d21c3effbe244546ac3c66d5662c1a46When Rich and I met, back in 2008, I was taking a creative writing class at Stanford University and started a literary memoir that I plan on publishing in the future. That summer my creative juices were in full swing, and I took three more classes that gave me the confidence and basic knowledge to start the career I always dreamt of, writing. I encouraged Rich to take some classes himself. And certainly he did, starting his new career as one of the few male romantic comedy authors. He currently has 9 books published, and is the king of rom-coms (romantic comedies). Who says men don’t listen?

We lived with our adorable 702f08_2b609505e22f4c09854c8fdf134ced26golden-lab, Chiqui Martin, who liked Manchego cheese, was bilingual and loved the beach almost as much as his mummy (me). We lost him in April 2016, but he’s still alive in our hearts. Before moving to California I spent six wonderful years in Galveston, Texas. Chiqui was just a baby when we flew together to meet our destiny :).

I keep writing and I keep teaching, but the best moments are those spent with the people I love.